General FAQs

Does Trail Labs sell bikes or components?

Trail Labs is currently the US distributor/dealer of Starling Cycles.  You can find their complete lineup on our website. We do sell suspension components from all of the manufacturers.  If you are looking for an upgrade we offer free steerer tube cutting, air volume reducer installation/removal, and bike installation if you live local to our shop.  

Does Trail Labs do bike repair / maintenance?

We specialize in the servicing, tuning, and repair of mountain bike suspension components, such as fork suspension, shocks, and seatposts (dropper posts). If you need other forms of service or repair please contact us to discuss your needs.  All of our mechanics have completed either the Cytech series of in person master bicycle training coares, or the UofQ Master Bicycle Mechanic coarse.

Where are you located?

With our distributed service business model, we specialize in servicing suspension components that are shipped to us from anywhere in the world. For convenience, we provide free return shipping within the continental US.

If you would like to visit our shop in person or arrange drop-off or pickup, we are located in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Our storefront and shipping address are located at:

Trail Labs LLC
422 W. Commercial St.
Springfield, MO 65803

What Brands do you service?

We currently service components by these manufacturers:

Can Trail Labs service other brands?

Yes, but with some limitations.

Our business is committed to timely service using a booking system. In order to do that, we have to stock all of the parts needed to fully service all models for the brands we carry. So while we have the ability to service other brands, we simply may not carry their service parts at this time.

If you have a component that is not listed on our website, simply contact us and we may be able to acquire the necessary parts to assist you.

Do you service motorbike or vehicle suspension components?

No. We only service mountain bike suspension components. We do not service suspension for motorcycles or other motorized vehicles, even if these brands are listed on our website.

Who is responsibile for installation of my suspension?

The Customer is responsible for installing their suspension.  We encourage you to utlize a professionally trained bicycle mechanic to install your suspension.  You should fully compress both fork and shock to ensure there is no frame contact with your suspension.  If there is an issue please contact Trail Labs for guidance.  Shocks may need to have their eyelets, air cans, autosag valves, and hardware adjusted prior to installation.  It is your responsibility to adjust those parts so the shock fits your bike properly.  This is a requirement that you agree to in our Terms & Policies agreement for using our service.  We are not responsible for frame damage for forks and shocks that are improperly installed, or improperly adjusted prior to use.  

What are your terms of service and policies?

Please review our Terms & Policies page for more information. You must agree to our terms before creating a booking or completing a purchase.

About Our Services

How does your service work?

Customers ship their mountain bike suspension components to us, and we service them at our facilities, and provide return shipping. It’s that simple!

To schedule your service, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Book Now button in the website’s top menu, or visit our booking form.
  2. Create an account with us
  3. Find your suspension component in our booking system. If you do not find your component, please contact us to see if we can provide service.
  4. You will then select the day you would like for your service to occur. Note that we must receive your part before we can begin service.
  5. Enter your payment details. Payment will not be processed until service is complete.

When does service occur?

Service occurs after we receive your component, on the day that you have selected via our booking system.

You must be sure that you choose a shipping method that will allow your component to arrive the day before your service is scheduled to occur.

What if I ship my item late, or it does not arrive on time?

If we do not receive your component on the day before your scheduled service, then we will service it on the next available service day. We will communicate with you throughout this process so that you understand the status of your order. We appreciate your understanding and patience!

When am I charged for service?

You are only charged after your service is complete.  You may receive and invoice after the service is complete to pay for the service.  Not all customers opt to save their payment method in our system.  If the payment method is not saved then we cannot process the order and have to email you an invoice that can be paid online.

What if my payment does not go through?

If payment cannot be processed (due to insufficient funds, expired cards, or other errors), this may delay the return of your component. We will call or email you in order to fix any such issues and complete your payment. Your component will then be shipped after payment has successfully processed.

When will I receive my component after service?

We will ship your component within one business day after service has been completed.  It will arrive within the standard ground shipping times unless you have selected and pre-paid for an expedited shipping option. 

You are responsible for the proper installation of your suspension.  Please ensure you mount the fork and shock according to the manufacturer's recommendations.  Fully compress the compents after you mount them to ensure there is no frame contact.  Eyelets, air cans, springs, and valves can all be turned by hand to give proper alignement and clearance.

What is included in the price?

Pricing Includes:

  • Service Labor
  • Necessary Parts and Materials*
  • Return Shipping (via UPS, FedEx, or USPS**)
  • Sales tax

*The price of service will only change if your component needs a non-service part that is not stocked. For example, if you need a new CSU because your stanchions are scratched and you decide to go forward with the replacement, we will then add the additional charge to your bill when your payment is processed.

**Return shipping does not include insurance. If you choose expedited return shipping this will increase your shipping costs.  Let us know if you would like for your return package to be insured, we are not responsible for lost of stolen packages.

Do you provide a service warranty?

We back all of our service work by a 90 day performance guarantee. Restrictions may apply. Scuffs, discoloration, tooling marks, or other service related superficial marks may appear after a service. We do our best to prevent any service related markings but the general nature of disassembling a suspension component, that is highly torqued with various grades of thread lock and/or corrosion, might cause superficial marking on the component. Superficial marking is not covered by our service guarantee.  ALL Fox X2 and DHX2 shocks are prone to air ingestion during use, and this may happen on your very first ride.  Our guarantee does not apply to air ingested into your X2 or DHX2, nor does it apply to oil residue on DHX2 shaft which happens when the shaft flexes.

Customers are responsible for the proper installation of their suspension.  We suggest you fully compress your shock and fork to ensure there is no frame contact before use.  Eyelets and valves can be hand turned for proper alignment.

  Please contact us for details.

When does my component need service?

Trail Labs follows the manufacturer's recommended servicing intervals. We recommend that you become familiar with the recommended servicing intervals for your component.

Please note that some brands may void the warranty on your component if their recommended service intervals are not followed.

Common servicing intervals vary. However, most manufacturers recommend mid-season service after 50 hours or every 3-6 months of riding (whichever comes first). Many recommend full service after 100-200 hours of riding, or yearly (whichever comes first). Again, please consult the recommended servicing intervals for your particular component, so that you maintain your warranty.

Manufacturers may also advise for more frequent service if you race or ride in harsh environments or harsh weather conditions. Please contact us if you have questions about the servicing intervals for your components.

Shipping Guide

When do I ship my component?

Ship your component only after you receive an email stating that your booking has been APPROVED for service. This email will clearly state that you may ship your component.

After you receive approval, we recommend shipping your component in accordance with your shipping provider's estimated arrival times. Be sure to check the estimated arrival date with your shipping provider to ensure that your component will arrive at Trail Labs at least one business day before your scheduled service appointment.  For Local Drop Offs or Event Drop Offs please bring your bike/or components to us NLT 10AM the morning of the service.  Once you receive your bike, and or components, back from us you should confirm all bolts are tightened to the manufacturer's recommendation.  

How do I Package my Component?
  • Remove the component from your bike and clean as much dirt off as possible. Remove the brake mounting hardware, brake cable guide (if applicable), and any third party products such as; speedometers, race tags, and GPS devices.
  • Remove the shock mounting hardware.  There is no guarantee the mounting hardware will be returned or installed on the correct eyelet.  We do our best to make it right, but sometimes these pieces end up wrong and it is an end user tasks to correct it.  We will not authorized a "performance gurantee" for mounting hardware installed backwards.
  • Remove shock yokes, we have test yokes and do not need yours for the service.  If a shock is returned with your yoke installed and it needs to be rotated to fit your frame, you need to turn it by hand to realign it properly.  That is your responsibility.
  • Do not send Reverb AXS remotes.  Do send a battery with the Reverb AXS post, we need that to activate the service mode.
  • Acquire a suitable size box that will hold your component.
  • Wrap the component with packing paper.  Please do not use styrofoam, packing peanuts.  Bubble wrap may be used but it is not necessary to tape it once it's wrapped around the component.  Use additional packing material to cushion your component inside the box.
  • Place a copy of your booking order details in the box so we know who’s component we’re receiving.
  • Tape all seams of the box and cover, or remove, any old shipping labels if you are reusing a box.
  • Write your booking order number on the outside of the box.
  • Ship your component to:  Trail Labs LLC, 2835 East Division ST., UNIT A,  Springfield, MO 65803

Which shipping service should I use?

We recommend UPS or FedEx for quick and reliable shipping. However, you may use any shipping service you prefer, provided that they can guarantee arrival to our facilities at least one business day before your scheduled service appointment.  We are not responsible for lost or delayed packages shipped to us.

What are my return shipping options?

We use UPS or FedEx Ground for most return shipping unless you would like an expedited service.  We will send you an estimate for expedited return shipping prior to processing your order payment.

Ground shipping costs are included in our service pricing. All orders below $100 will have an additional flat rate shipping fee of $9.50. You may select "expedited shipping" if you want the order expedited. If "expedited shipping" is chosen the $9.50 rate is removed and we will contact you with the additional shipping fee. Once the customer approves the additional fee, we will invoice you for the additional shipping costs. If you would like your package insured for the return shipping please let us know.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages unless you request for it to be insured.  Additional shipping fees will apply, typically between $5-$15.

All New Purchases over $500 must be signed for by an adult.  If you are not available to sign for it at the time of delivery you must coordinate with the shipping provider to collect the item as we are not responsible for missed deliveries.  This protects you from theft, and Trail Labs from fraud.  No exceptions to this policy.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure proper fitment of forks and shocks. Prior to use we recommend you install the shock and fully compress it to make sure there is no frame contact with the linkage or tires.  We are not responsible for damaged bike frames from incorrect use and sized components.  Service shocks may need to be aligned before install.  Eyelets can be turned by hand.  Autosag valves can be rotated by hand.  It is impossible to know the exact shape of every bike frame and therefore it is your responsibility to make sure the alignements are correct once you receive shocks back from service.  

When will my component arrive?

Our facilities are located in Missouri, near the center of the United States, and we find that UPS and FedEx Ground performs well with shipping components back to our US customers in a timely manner.

Customers in the Midwest or central US (Central or Mountain time) can typically expect to receive their component within two business days (even if expedited shipping is not selected).

Customers in the eastern or western US or near the coasts will typically receive their component in 3-5 business days.

International shipping may vary greatly.

Shipping estimates are subject to change, and can vary based on the time of year.

We advise not to schedule service right before a trip as there is always a chance of something getting delayed during the service, or during return shipping.  If you need a component back in a hurry you must notify us in advance so we can select the appropriate return shipping option and invoice you accordingly. 

Do you ship Internationally?

We can ship items outside of the US but it is the customers responsibility to pay all shipping fees, customs and import duties.

We will email you an estimate of the shipping costs only, prior to shipping the item.

Custom fees and import duties are established by the recieving country and you are responsible for paying those obligations if they exist in your country.

What if I need service on a deadline?

We offer servicing on the day you select through our booking system, so we can meet almost any deadline you specify. If you have a deadline, we strongly recommend that you ship your component via an expedited shipping service, and select expedited return shipping as well. Please also notify us of your deadline through the comments form when completing your booking.

However, if you cannot find a date in our booking system that works for you, or if you are concerned that we may be unable to return your component in time for an event, we recommend that you contact us first to to see if we can meet your requirements.

Technical FAQs

Can you custom tune my fork or shock?

Tuning is an interesting topic that requires detailed information prior to making adjustments. We often read about how many volume spacers riders use, or how other companies offer "re-valving" of damper valve assemblies. It can get confusing; social media and riding editors can mislead you.

Fortunately, we fully stock fork and shock volume spacers, tokens and rings, and we have the ability to tune your valve assembly using manufacturer-supplied shim stack configurations.

If you are interested in learning how to properly tune your component, or if you feel you need to change your spring rate or damping variables, please call the shop and talk to one of our technicians. We can discuss exactly what you want to achieve with your fork or shock, and can guide you in the right direction and determine exactly what you do or do not need.

Do you Nitro Charge?

Yes, we use Nitrogen to charge IFP chambers.  Nitrogen is an inert gas, meaning it’s a property-free, non-reactive substance.

Nitrogen is better than air for several reasons:

  1. Air contains about 20% Oxygen. Oxygen and water contamination in air chambers can lead to corrosion of rubber and metal components. This will ultimately lead to a shock failing sooner than those filled with Nitrogen. Nitrogen does not contain water so there is less chance of your component corroding.
  2. Nitrogen has larger molecules than air. This means the Nitrogen is less likely to permeate through the seals. Shocks filled with air will lose a few PSI every month. Nitrogen-filled shocks will lose little to no pressure.

Do you work with other bike shops or resellers?

We love to work with bike shops! If you have customers who need our services, you can set up a professional account, schedule their booking, receive it direct from us when the service is complete. We offer a special “reseller” discount for local bike shops who use our services.

Return Policy

Returns may be accepted within 30 days of purchase if the item is unused, in its original condition, and original packaging.  All new suspension components returned are subject to a 15% restocking fee.  It is the customer's responsibility to notify Trail Labs LLC, prior to 30 days of purchase, to request a return authorization.  Refunds will be issued once the returned item is received.  We recommend you insure the item when you send it back for a refund. If you purchase an item through our website and decide you don't want it before we ship it, we will issue you a full refund except for the credit card fee collected by our payment processor. Those fees are not returned to us, so we will not return it to you. The fee varies within our three payment processors (Stripe, Quickbooks, and Paypal) and ranges between 2.5%-4%.  For new purchased shipped to the correct address and not collected by the purchaser for whatever reason we will still apply the 15% restocking fee.  All new purchased over $1000 must be signed for by an adult.   For questions about our return policy please email info@traillabs.com.

Bike Returns: Full Bikes and Frames Purchased directly on our bike builder site maybe returned within 30 days if unused and in the original box.  There is a 15% restocking fee for Bike and Frame returns.  Custom built bikes, including frames with custom colors, cannot be returned.  We will issue a refund for all approved returns upon receipt and inspection of items.

Special Orders items and custom built suspension may not be returned.