Trail Labs offers a variety of aftermarket fork and shock upgrades that can be installed during your scheduled service. Even if you're not needing service, you can send your component for upgrading at any convenient time.

All upgrade prices include installation. Upgrades can be added on to your service during the booking process, or you can contact us for other upgrades.

Some upgrades result in a discounted service rate - discount is applied when payment is processed, after your service is complete. See below for a list of upgrade options from Push Industries, MRP, OneUp Components, and Enduro.

Give us a call if you have any questions about compatibility, or if are looking for a specific upgrade, even if you don't see it on the site.

OneUp EDC Tool and TopCap (Black)

One Up EDC Tool System

$95 Installed during service.

Fits all aluminum 1.5” tapered steerer tubes. Steerer tube length must be between 183mm-230mm (7.25”-9”) otherwise the tool will not fit.

Includes top cap, tool, and installation

“Given the choice, we always prefer to ride without a backpack. But no one wants to be 'that guy' who needs to borrow tools, or be left walking home while your friends enjoy the rest of the ride. EDC stores your essential trail tools inside your steerer tube, right at your fingertips. Whether you're going out for a quick lunch ride or setting off on a longer adventure, EDC has all the tools that you need to keep your bike running smoothly and fix any trailside mechanical.”


MRP Ramp Control

MRP Ramp Control

$139.95 ($179.95 for Fox 36 Version D) installed during service. Service price will be reduced $15.

Fits: Fox 32 Forks 2016+ but not compatible with Step Cast Forks
Fits: Fox 34 Forks 2016+ but not compatible with Step Cast or Talas Forks
Fits: Fox 36 Forks 2015-2017 (Version D Ramp Control $179.95) and 2018+ Forks (Version F Ramp Control $139.95)
Fits: Fox 40 Forks 2016+
Fits: RockShox Reba, Revelation, and Sid forks 2013+
Fits: RockShox Bluto 2014+
Fits: RockShox Revelation 2017+ (35mm)
Fits: RockShox Pike 2013+
Fits: RockShox Lyrik and Yari 2017+
Fits: Boxxer World Cup Solo Air forks 2010-2017

Specify the year of your fork during the booking process. If you’re unsure you can give us a call at 417-324-7901 and we’ll help you figure it out.

  • Adds speed-sensitive ending-stroke control and bottom-out force adjustability to compatible forks.
  • Just 55 g! Lighter than most air-spring assemblies with more than two tokens.
  • Isolate and tune bottom-out with minimal changes to initial and mid-stroke.
  • Bring your tuning to the trail and out of the workshop!

Push ACS3 Coil Convesion Kit and Spring

Push ACS3 Coil Conversion Kit

$389 Installed with a coil spring during service. Service price will be reduced $15.

Fits Fox 36 Float NA/NA2 Forks, RockShox Pike and Lyric
Specify required spring weight in the “notes” field during the booking process.

“Nothing beats a coil when it comes to small bump sensitivity, traction, and mid stroke performance. Also, coil springs eliminate the constant maintenance required to keep your fork running optimally!“


“Used in conjunction with our Coil main spring, our patent-pending Air Bump Stop cartridge allows you to independently fine tune the progressiveness of your fork. Using a standard suspension pump, pressures can be set between 5-50psi for your desired bottoming control. Lower pressures provide a more linear fork feel, while higher pressures provide a quicker engagement and more progressive performance for big hit riding. All without interfering with the first 65% of the forks travel.”


Push Seal Kit

Push Seal Kits

Price varies based on forks. These are installed during service.

Fits all Fox Forks, RockShox Pike, Lyric, Yari, and Revelation.

One of the single biggest improvements you can make to your fork! Engineered and developed over several years, PUSH Ultra Low Friction fork seals provide class leading sealing while offering incredibly low friction resulting in an increase in small bump sensitivity!

  • Advanced friction-reducing, Molybdenum filled material increases small bump sensitivity while also increasing durability
  • Dual scraping lip design provides maximum scraping effect while minimizing friction
  • Loaded oil sealing lip integrated into wiper to keep lower leg fluid from escaping fork, increasing performance and durability
  • High-volume, absorbent foam rings ensure consistent lubrication improving seal life and bump sensitivity
  • Molded utilizing precision 3D machined molds for exact tolerance
  • Each kit comes complete with Fork Seals, Foam Rings, and Crush Washers

Push Hyper Charger (HC-97)

Push Hyper Charger (HC-97)

$245 installed during full service.

Fits: RockShox Pike with Charger 2 and Charger 2.1 dampers (Boost spacing forks only) Please provide your fork’s serial number (base of steerer tube under the crown) in the “notes” field during the booking process.

  • ELEVENSIX Compression Valve Technology in their fork
  • Pressure balanced symmetrical flow rate for increased traction and control
  • "Shim-less" high speed compression valve for seamless damping force in high speed chatter
  • Includes rebound revalve

Enduro Seal/Wiper Kit

Enduro/Float Shock Seal Kit

Price varies depending on shock. Installed during service.

Fits all Fox Float Shocks except Fox Float X2

Upgrade your Fox Float Air can seals with this specially formulated kit from Real World Cycles. Provides less friction than standard Fox seal kits.