E-Dirtbike Components

Trail Labs specializes in suspension service and sales.
The only purpose built suspension component for the Surron, or similar electric dirt bikes, is the EXT Arma-MX.  Everything else is purpose built for mountain bikes.  Mountain bike products are not intended to be used on large e-dirt bikes and you should use at your own risk.  This includes OEM products.


 EXT Shocks

Engineered with performance and control as primary objectives, the shock structure has seen a redesign in order to be more robust to use on the Sur Ron and Segway Dirt Ebikes. The hydraulic bottom-out circuit (HBC) has been enhanced with a wider range of adjustment, in order to prevent bottom-out issues, while allowing riders to use softer spring rates and providing excellent support and end stroke characteristics. This is a purpose built shock specifically made for the Sur Ron and Segway bikes. These shocks come with one spring.