E-Dirtbike Components

Trail Labs specializes in suspension service and sales.
The only purpose built suspension component for the Surron, or similar electric dirt bikes, is the EXT Arma-MX.  Everything else is purpose built for mountain bikes.  Mountain bike products are not intended to be used on large e-dirt bikes and you should use at your own risk.  This includes OEM products.


EXT Ferro E-MX Fork

The Ferro is a dual crown upside down 36mm steel stanchion fork specifically designed for e-mx applications.  The Ferro utilizes EXT's HS3 air spring system and a 3-way cartridge damper with high and low speed compression adjustments, and rebound adjustments.  Pair the Ferro with the EXT ARMA-MX for a complete ride overhaul.

Ohlins DH38m.1

The DH38m.1 fork is a 38mm stanchion dual crown fork that is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.  Its twin tube TTX18 damper with high and low speed compression adjustments is one of the smoothest dampers ever made.  The air spring uses a ramp up chamber to help dial in the ending stroke to prevent harsh bottom outs.  Pair the DH38 with a TTX22M rear shock for the complete Ohlins package.


 EXT Shocks

Engineered with performance and control as primary objectives, the shock structure has seen a redesign in order to be more robust to use on the Sur Ron and Segway Dirt Ebikes. The hydraulic bottom-out circuit (HBC) has been enhanced with a wider range of adjustment, in order to prevent bottom-out issues, while allowing riders to use softer spring rates and providing excellent support and end stroke characteristics. This is a purpose built shock specifically made for the Sur Ron and Segway bikes. These shocks come with one spring.

Ohlins TTX22M 10.5x3.5

The TTX22M established the benchmark for all other MTB coil shocks in 2013.  It has been the most reliable shock offering of any brand for the last 10 years.  Ohlins is now producing the 10.5x3.5 for use on E-MX bikes.  It utilizes a twin tube damper for unlimited traction, and has high and low speed compression adjusters.  Pair it with either the 411 Ohlins Steel Spring or an range of EXT springs to dial in the correct riding sag for your bike.