Have you been racing this season?

Enduro Competition Racing and attending mountain bike festivals can cause huge amounts of stress on our suspension components. Race events usually happen rain or shine, and when the trails get muddy, dirt and water can infiltrate our fork, shock, and dropper post. That’s where Trail Labs steps in.

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Many suspension manufacturers recommend more frequent maintenance for their professional riders, as well as those who ride in wet and muddy terrain, bike parks, and uplift centers. We also tend to push just a little harder when we’re trying to out perform our competition, and this can cause more wear on our components. If you’re racing and attending mountain bike festivals you will benefit from our services. The best part about using Trail Labs is you don’t have to wait an absurd amount of time waiting for your suspension to be returned. When you book a service with us you get to pick the day of the service, and we’ll ship it back to you that same day!* If you need service between races you can rest assured that we’ll get your item back to you in time to compete at your next event.

*pending the serviced item is not broken or damaged beyond a typical full service rebuild.